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Search Engine Optimization


Most of us have at least heard of search engine optimization these past couple of years- with Google growing into the giant corporation that it is today. Very few of us however, even the people who claim otherwise, truly know what goes into creating a successful search engine optimization campaign. At 1st Bytes, we believe that claiming to be "gurus" or "experts" in SEO is the equivalent of suicide for our company. With the breakneck pace that the industry is advancing at, it's very common to see methods that were working just yesterday no longer working today. We're always learning the ins and outs of the business, and if you're looking to outdo your competition, you should. Pick 1st Bytes for your next SEO campaign- set yourself apart from the folks that are doing the same old thing.

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Social Media Marketing


Just how essential do you think proper social media marketing services are to the success of your online marketing endeavors? Whether you're a small business looking to put word out about your "Like Home" products, or a multinational conglomerate that's looking to expand into new markets, the same basic, underlying social media marketing strategies applying either case- allowing people to reach you, and interact with you instantly and transparently. At 1st Bytes, we specialize in cutting-edge social media marketing services, keyed towards the enhancement of the interaction between yourself and your customer in the most uninhibited way possible. We don't just set you up with a media campaign and leave you be- no, we follow through every step of the way, ensuring that word gets out that your service is among the best in town! The best thing? We've got stratagems available for every budget! So stop worrying about the cost of social media marketing services, and start imagining the enormous benefits that you stand to reap from making people capable of connecting with you instantly, no matter what the time or place.

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04 August 2021

  • Rubrik’s Bipul Sinha on Preventing Ransomware Attacks

    I spoke with Bipul Sinha, Co-Founder and CEO of Rubrik, about Zero Trust’s role in blocking ransomware attacks, and also discussed security in a multicloud world. Among the topics we discussed: Why is Zero Trust getting so much attention now, in particular? What particular security challenges does the move toward multicloud create for companies? What […]

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  • Siggraph and the Creation Of The Metaverse

    When the Internet arrived, it caught a whole bunch of people sleeping. Even Microsoft was caught out of position, but Bill Gates immediately understood the risk and rallied the company to confront it, eventually becoming, for a time, the most powerful player. The event enabled Google, Netflix, Amazon, and many other companies that didn’t exist […]

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  • How is Big Data Evolving?

    In 2013, Judith Hurwitz and other market experts proclaimed the beginning of the Big Data Era. They perceived that “big data enables organizations to store, manage, and manipulate vast amounts of data at the right speed and at the right time to gain the right insights.” They were candid that Big Data doesn’t represent a […]

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